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Why Pigeon Proofing in London is Important

Pigeons are a fact of life in big cities such as London. Even though they may just be wandering around,Guest Posting minding their own business, they can actually cause great damage to buildings. When they foul on buildings, not only does it deface the aesthetic look, but it can also cause physical damage. Uric acid can be found in a feral pigeon’s faeces which is corrosive to the exterior of a building. In addition, they can cause potential health issues as their fouling also carries various diseases such as Salmonella bacteria and Ornithosis, which is a viral disease similar to “flu”.

Their nests often contain various insects and mites which can then migrate to other parts of a building, potentially causing other pest problems in these places as well.For these reasons, it is important to practice pigeon pest control on any affected areas. There are plenty of pest control firms in London Pigeon deterrents that provide a number of humane ways of pigeon proofing. These include installing netting, fine metal spikes or sprung wires onto the affected area. All of these methods of pigeon pest control prevent a pigeon from landing on that particular area and thereby forcing them to find a landing spot elsewhere.Most pest control businesses in London will first need to visit the area in question in order to ascertain the level of the pest problem and conclude which method of pigeon pest control would be better suited to resolve the issue.

The origin of a feral pigeon is a domestic pigeon that has returned to the wild. The Rock dove is the ancestor of domestic pigeons and these birds build their homes on sea-cliffs and mountains. This is why a feral pigeon’s nest can often be found on the ledge of a tall building. They are completely comfortable with the busy comings and goings of everyday life and will happily build their nests in even the busiest of areas. Because of this, simply attempting to shoo them away will not resolve a pigeon problem. Appropriate pigeon proofing methods must be put into place.

If the appropriate action is not taken, it is likely that the problem will persist and possibly even grow because feral pigeons can breed all year round as long as their food source is in constant supply.A good pest control firm in London will eradicate your pigeon problem in a humane manner. Some also offer a service whereby they will completely clean and remove any pigeon fowling that has defaced the area in question.