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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Best Fat Burning Ingredients

If you are looking into supplements to use while on your fat loss plan; chances are you are looking at one of the many fat burning products. There are thousands of these to choose from. Do a quick online search of “fat burners,” and you will find a huge number to click on. Which fat burning ingredients deliver? And which ones are ineffective?

Let us look at the best fat burning ingredients to look for in any product you are considering…

1. Caffeine. First up you have caffeine. Most people already know of caffeine from the cup of coffee they drink every morning. It just happens to be one of the best fat burning ingredients as well.

Caffeine is an excellent way to help not only boost your energy levels but to also kick-start your metabolic rate as well. It will help you burn calories all day long, thus experiencing greater fat loss results. Many find caffeine also helps decrease their appetite.

2. Bitter Orange. Bitter orange is another ingredient you may come across when selecting fat burning products. It is not common, but one that is powerful. This one is a stimulant also, just like caffeine, but serves to boost your metabolic rate to a higher degree.

Note, this one can increase your heart rate, so check with your doctor before consuming it. Bitter orange will also help increase your energy level and improve mental focus and drive in the gym.

3. Citrulline Malate. Want more power? If so, Citrulline Malate is a great go-to. This compound will help dilate the blood vessels, increasing oxygen flow throughout the body and the muscle tissues. The result is you can ward off fatigue, exercising harder for longer.

Those who use this product tend to find they can do a few more reps during each set, thus increasing their overall metabolic response.

4. Green Tea Extract. It has been long known green tea is excellent for boosting fat loss results. A few cups each day can help to increase thermogenesis in the body and may also contribute to warding off cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

If you are not one to drink a lot of green HoneyBurn tea, not to worry. Now you can get the benefits by having the extract. This one isn’t as powerful of a stimulant as caffeine is either, so is perfect for those who may be exercising closer to bed or who cannot tolerate caffeine.

5. Yohimbe. The last ingredient to look for is Yohimbe. This one is good when you get down to those final few pounds you cannot seem to lose. Yohimbe helps to increase blood flow to stubborn fat areas (the lower abs, thighs, and lower back), which then helps mobilize the free fatty acids better.

If you take this before a workout, you will utilize fatty acids as a fuel source better than you would without it. It seems to work especially well when you do intense exercise such as weight lifting or sprint training followed by moderate intensity exercise. This way, the intense exercise frees the fatty acids up while the moderate intensity exercise helps burn them.