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Turn Your Email Sign-Off Into Results: Seven-Step Checklist for Success

To be honest, I find most email sign-offs pretty boring. (And I find some of them pretty annoying!)Most often, however, I see lost opportunities.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how just a few simple changes to your email signature can make a BIG difference to your business.

Let’s explore….


I think it’s incredible — since most of the emails I get are from coaches and small business owners — but I get at least a couple of emails a day with absolutely no sign-off at all.

That’s right. No company name, and no contact information. Emails sometimes even arrive without the sender’s last name!This is not only a waste of a perfect marketing opportunity, it’s pretty bad business. There’s nothing professional about a business email without basic business information.


Every email you send out should include basic information about you and your company:

Your name (first and last)
Company Name
Business phone
Email address

Tip: Why include your email address here, when the reader can send a test email see it at the top of the email? Simply because it’s easier for the reader to have all of your contact information in one place — especially if he decides to add it to his address book or contact manager.

A basic email signature might also include:

Your title or business designation
Company logo and/or tag line
Your photo
Fax and/or cell phone number
Website address

Tip: If you include any graphics (photo, logo, etc.) be sure to use small files that will download quickly and easily for the reader. (For me, any file I need to wait for falls into that ‘annoying’ category.)


Here’s the deal. Your email signature is the perfect place to include information about your business, your products, or your services. Why?

You’re writing — or responding — to someone you know is already interested in you, or your business
You know your message will be seen
Email is a natural place to describe something new, or interesting
It’s totally non-intrusive
It’s easy
It doesn’t cost you a thing!

So, take a minute to think about something about your business — or your products — that you’d like to tell people about. For example:

Your upcoming workshop, seminar, or teleclasses
Your book or audio product
An improvement you’ve made to an existing product or program
New business location, or expanded business hours
Your new website

Choose one of these ideas now, and take it through the next few steps in this article….

4 – WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?To illustrate, let’s say you decide to use your email signature to tell people about an upcoming teleclass.

I can imagine several answers to the question, “What’s in it for you?”

new business leads
‘live’ interaction with solid business prospects
revenue (if you’re charging a fee for the class)
opportunity to introduce participants to your other products and services
getting your name out into the business community
opportunity to shine as an expert in your field
word-of-mouth advertising from your teleclass participantsIf you’d like your email signature to attract new clients — and sales — be sure to focus on

“What’s in it for THEM?”

Going back to the teleclass example, what will participants get out of it? (information, fun, interaction, difficult to find facts or tips, a plan/strategy, etc.)What problem do they have that this teleclass will help resolve? Where are they struggling? (stress, frustration, ill health, isolation, financial troubles, need more clients, lack of confidence, etc.)